How to Wash Chainsaw Pants

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It’s important to wash your chainsaw pants. But, you need to know how to do it properly, so you avoid damaging them. It’s not too hard, so I will show you how to wash your pants in this article.

To wash chainsaw pants, you will need to use synthetic detergent with warm water. Regular settings are fine to use on chainsaw pants. To dry your pants you will need to hang them out. Using a dryer can damage your pants, reducing their potential protection.

In this article, I will show you how to wash your pants. I’ll then give you a list of things to avoid when washing. Knowing this will help your pants last longer.

Washing Chainsaw Pants – Step by Step

Now you have the best pair of chainsaw trousers, it’s time to learn how to wash them.

Step One: Put Your Chainsaw Pants In the Washing Machine

Place your chainsaw pants in your washing machine. Chainsaw pants don’t need to be washed by themselves; they can go in with the rest of your washing. Just be mindful of colors. You don’t want to put your pants in with a load of whites.

I usually do one big load of work clothes at the end of the week.

Step Two: Put Washing Detergent In the Machine

Depending on what machine you have, you will need to put in washing powder or liquid. Follow the instructions on the packet.

Rather than soaps, you need to use synthetic detergents. Synthetic detergents will do a better job at cleaning and protecting your pants.

Step Three: Use a Warm Wash With a Cold Rinse

Warm washes are great; you get the best of both worlds. You will get a deep clean without degrading the material too much.

Chainsaw pants are tough, so there isn’t a high chance of them shrinking in a warm wash.

Step Four: Set Your Machine Settings

The settings you use on your machine to wash your regular clothes will be fine. Again, make sure you use warm water for washing. If your machine allows, you can rinse with cold water. Here are the settings I use:

  • Warm wash
  • Set the water level (will depend on how many clothes I have in the machine)
  • 17-minute wash
  • 2 rinses
  • High spin
  • With a cotton wash

Your water temperature should not exceed 100f/40c.

Step Five: Hang Your Pants Out to Dry

Now, the washing machine has finished, it’s time to dry your pants. I like to hang mine outside in warmer months. In the cooler months, I will hang them inside, near a heater.

Things to Avoid When Washing Your Chainsaw Pants

Here is a list of things to avoid when washing your pants. Avoiding these things will prolong the life of your pants.

  • Do not iron your pants
  • Do not tumble-dry your pants
  • Avoid using bleach on your pants
  • Do not dry clean

Final Thoughts

Try to wash your chainsaw pants once a week. During the summer, you may need to wash them twice a week.

Remember to check over your pants after every wash. Any damage or tears can reduce the amount of protection on offer. For serious damage, you will need new pants. Otherwise, you can repair minor cuts and tears.

If you’re still not sure how chainsaw pants actually work, you can check out this article