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Is Bradford Pear Good Firewood? I have found that Bradford pear firewood is a popular choice among homeowners looking for a cost-effective and readily available source of firewood. However, before using this type of wood, you must consider its characteristics.

In this article, we will explore the characteristics and benefits of using Bradford pear firewood and any potential drawbacks. But before all that, let’s first learn ‘is Bradford pear good firewood.’

Is Bradford Pear good firewood?

Bradford Pear is good for firewood because it’s light, cheap, and readily available. However, avoid wet ones that can be difficult to light & produce more smoke. Generally, Bradford pear firewood is known to produce a moderate amount of smoke but does not produce many sparks.

Heat Output

You might wonder if Bradford pear firewood produces enough heat to warm your home. According to studies, Bradford pear firewood has a moderate heat output. It produces approximately 20 million BTUs per cord, which is lower than some other types of hardwood.

Moisture Content

One of the biggest concerns when using firewood is its moisture content. Wet firewood can be difficult to light and produce more smoke. Bradford pear firewood has a moisture content of around 30 percent, which is relatively low compared to other wood types.

Splitting Difficulty

Splitting firewood can be a physically demanding task. If you’re using Bradford pear firewood, you might find it relatively easy to split due to its straight grain and low density.

Stacking Difficulty

When stacking firewood, it’s important to consider its shape and size. Bradford pear firewood is generally easy to stack due to its straight and uniform shape.

Smoke and Spark Production

Another factor to consider when using firewood is its smoke and spark production. Bradford pear firewood is known to produce a moderate amount of smoke but does not produce many sparks.

5 Benefits of Using Bradford Pear Firewood

  • Cost-effectiveness: to be used as firewood, you should consider Bradford pear wood. Since the wood of this specimen tends to be very weak to be used for woodworking or any other purposes like Bradford pears as firewood, it is always best to use them as firewood; hence If you are looking for a solution that is relatively cheap & suitable. However, before you consider to use this wood, consider reading “Is Bradford Pear a Hardwood?
  • Availability: This type of firewood is widely available in many regions of the United States. You can often find it for sale at local hardware stores or online.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Using firewood as a heating source is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Bradford pear trees are often considered an invasive species, so using their wood as fuel can help to control their population. However, this specimen is also considered bad for our ecosystem for few reasons as well, To know in-depth about this, check 7 Key reasons Why Are Bradford Pear Trees Bad For The Environment?.
  • Aesthetics: Bradford pear firewood has a unique appearance with its light color and smooth texture. It can make a beautiful addition to any fireplace.
  • Natural Insect Repellent Properties: Some studies have shown that Bradford pear wood may have natural insect repellent properties, which can help to keep pests at bay.

3 Drawbacks of Using Bradford Pear Firewood

I’ve discovered several issues with using Bradford pears as firewood, making it less than ideal. 

First of all, in comparison to other hardwoods, its burn period is rather brief. This implies that it will require frequent replenishment, which can be troublesome if you plan to use it for heating.

Second, Bradford’s pear firewood burns through quite a bit of it quickly. As a result, more firewood will be required to generate the same amount of heat as you would with other hardwoods. Long-term costs may result from utilizing this, particularly if it serves as your main heating source.

Thirdly, Bradford pear firewood does not form a long-lasting coal bed that may be utilized to keep the firebox warm since it has weak coaling capabilities. This can make it challenging to regulate the fire’s temperature, which can be an issue if you’re using it for cooking.

Bradford pear firewood also contains a lot of ash, which might block your fireplace or stove and require more frequent cleaning. Last but not least, when burned, it can emit a strong odor that may be uncomfortable for people nearby.

The Science Behind Bradford Pear Firewood

Compared to other hardwoods, studies have found that Bradford pear wood has a lower density and higher moisture content. As a result, it will burn faster and generate less heat per unit of volume.

In addition, compared to other hardwoods, Bradford pear wood has been discovered to contain a larger percentage of bark. This may result in higher combustion-related volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which could harm air quality.

Finally, the soil condition may be impacted by the use of Bradford pear firewood. Bradford pear trees have compounds in their leaves and branches that can prevent nearby plants from growing. This might be detrimental to the health of the soil and biodiversity.

5 Best Practices for Using Bradford Pear Firewood

Proper storage

Storing Bradford pear firewood carefully is crucial if you intend to use it as fuel. To do this, store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. If the wood becomes wet, burning will be challenging, and more smoke might be produced.

Seasoning tips

Proper seasoning is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your Bradford pear firewood burns efficiently. In other words, please wait at least six months before using it. You can hasten the seasoning process by chopping the wood into smaller pieces and keeping it in a dry, sunny location.

Optimal usage

Bradford pear firewood is best used for short, hot fires. It produces a lot of heat but burns quickly. It is not recommended for use in wood stoves or other closed heating systems, as it can produce a lot of smoke.


When using Bradford pears as firewood, taking safety measures is crucial. Before lighting a fire, ensure your chimney is always clean and in good condition. Always watch the fire, and use a fireplace screen to keep sparks from flying out.

Safety measures

It is also important to know safety measures when using Bradford Pear firewood. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of emergency. Ensure that children and pets are kept from the fire, and never use flammable liquids to start a fire.

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5 Alternative Firewood Options

While Bradford pear can be a good option for firewood, there are also several alternative options that you may want to consider.

  • Oak: Oak is a popular choice for firewood; it burns hot and produces very little smoke. It also has a long burn time and produces good coals.
  • Maple: Maple is another good option for firewood. It burns hot, produces little smoke, and has a pleasant scent when burned.
  • Hickory: Hickory is a hardwood that burns hot and produces good coals. It is also known for its distinctive, smoky flavor for smoking meats.
  • Cherry: Cherry is a fruitwood that burns hot and produces a sweet aroma. It is a popular choice for use in fireplaces and wood stoves.
  • Beech: Beech is a hardwood that burns hot and produces good coals. It is also known for its attractive bark and smooth texture.

Comparing Bradford Pear to Alternative Firewoods

If you are considering using Bradford pear as firewood, it is important to compare it to other options to determine which will best meet your needs.

Heat output

When it comes to heat output, Bradford Pear is a good option. However, it does not produce as much heat as other hardwoods, such as oak and hickory.

Burn time

Bradford Pear has a short burn time compared to other firewood options. Hardwoods like oak and hickory have longer burn times.

Coaling ability

Bradford Pear produces good coals but not as good as other hardwoods, such as oak and hickory.

Smoke production

Bradford pear can produce a lot of smoke, which can be a problem for some people. If you are sensitive to smoke, consider an alternative firewood option.

Price comparison

Bradford pear firewood is relatively inexpensive compared to some other firewood options. However, prices can vary depending on your location and availability.


I hope I have given you all the information about the topic: ‘Is Bradford pear good for firewood’ or not? Since this firewood is very inexpensive compared to other options, you can save a lot of money during the winter season by using this wood.

This wood also contains relatively low monster content compared to other firewood available. If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it.

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