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Arboriculture is the practice of cultivating and managing trees and other woody plants. It involves nurturing, maintaining, and protecting these organisms in both urban and rural landscapes. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of arboriculture, its history, its applications, as well as how it has evolved over the years. From providing environmental benefits to enhancing aesthetics, there are many reasons why arboriculture is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. Read on to learn more about what arboriculture is and how it can be beneficial to your community.

What is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture is the study of trees and their care. This includes the selection, planting, and maintenance of trees. Arborists are trained in the proper care of trees, and they use this knowledge to help maintain healthy trees and landscapes.

Trees provide many benefits to humans and the environment. They improve air quality, provide shade and cooling, reduce noise pollution, and offer habitat for wildlife. Trees also increase property values and can make a community more beautiful and inviting.

Despite these many benefits, trees can also pose risks. Overgrown or poorly maintained trees can fall and damage property or injure people. Dead or dying trees can also be a hazard. That’s why it’s important to have trained arborists on staff to regularly inspect trees and take preventive measures to keep them healthy and safe.

Arboriculture Literature and Books

These are the books I recommend reading. Here you will find a diverse range of books. You will find books you can enjoy with your children, books describing tree biology, and everything in between. I hope you learn something new.

As I purchase and read books, I will update this list. I will only update with books I deem suitable.

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Applied Tree Biology – A D. Hirons & P A. Thomas

A New Tree Biology and Dictionary – A L. Shigo

Modern Arboriculture – A L. Shigo

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