Where To Buy Osage Orange Wood?

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If you are a woodworker looking for the right type of Osage Orangewood for your next project, this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you where to buy Osage Orangewood for sale.

Here, we’ll also explore the factors you need to consider when purchasing Osage Orange wood, along with the type of products you will likely find made from Osage Orange. But before all this, let’s examine the main question: where to buy Osage Orangewood?

Place To Buy Osage Orange Wood

1) Local Lumber Yards And Woodworking Stores

Well, I used to like purchasing wood for the fire and crafting from local stores. Believe it or not, one of the best options that you can choose to purchase osage Orangewood is through local lumber yards or woodworking stores.

However, ensure you always inspect the wood in person before purchasing it. You must inspect the food carefully & check for signs of damage, like cracks or splits that make it unsuitable for crafting and woodworking.

When purchasing wood from a physical store, it is best to ask the store owner or the salesperson about the wood source & whether it has been kiln-dried. Before purchasing any wood, it is recommended to take some recommendations from your fellow woodworkers or relatives.

If you have difficulty finding a local woodworking Store or lumber yard, consider taking the help of Google Maps. You can also quickly search Yelp to find stores near you. There are many advantages of purchasing wood locally.

You can inspect the wood in person to ensure that it meets your requirement & criteria and purchase it in smaller quantities, making it convenient for your small project.

Also, buying locally supports the local economy around you while helping the environmental impact of shipping. I like to purchase my wood offline in small amounts from nearby stores or online if I need large quantities.

2) Online Retailers And Marketplaces

Another great option for purchasing osage orange wood is through online retailers & marketplaces. You can find many stores online. This can be a convenient option if you need access to local stores or prefer to shop online.

Plus, buying online has its perks and downsides. You’ll not be able to inspect the wood. Thus, you need to buy the wood from reputable stores. Some of the potential benefits that you’ll get while buying osage orange wood online are:

  • You will have access to a wider range of suppliers. So you can easily compare prices. 
  • Purchasing larger quantities of wood can be more cost-effective if you need a lot. 
  • Finally, buying online can be more convenient, as you can shop from home.
RetailerPrice Range (per board foot)
Woodworkers Source$8 – $10
Bell Forest Products$9 – $15
Woodcraft$8 – $12

Directly From Sawmills And Suppliers

A third option for purchasing osage orange wood is directly buying from sawmills and suppliers. This is an excellent option for people who need a large quantity of wood. Or, if you want to ensure that the wood is of high quality, you can consider buying directly from sawmills and suppliers.

You can often purchase large quantities of wood at a lower price there. You can also specify the exact wood dimensions you need for the sawmill or supplier. This option is mostly preferred by people who have specific requirements.

Even though buying directly from sawmills & suppliers can ensure that you are getting high-quality wood that has been properly kiln-dried, it’s still important to have a clear understanding of the wood’s quality & grade to judge & decide better.

Therefore, ask about the sawmill’s grading system and understand what you are buying. When purchasing directly from sawmills and suppliers, you should also ask about the moisture content of the wood and ensure that it has been properly kiln-dried.

If you’re looking for sawmills and suppliers, use Google search or online directories like Woodfinder or the Sawmill Exchange. Once you have found the supplier who offers what you’re looking for, you can contact them directly to inquire about their products & pricing.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Osage Orange Wood

Where To Buy Osage Orange Wood

Wood Quality

When you’re purchasing Osage Orange wood, the quality of the wood is a crucial factor to consider. It would be best to look for straight-grained, dense, and stable pieces of wood. As you know, Osage Orange is known for its bright yellow-orange color that deepens over time; you should choose a piece with a consistent hue throughout the wood.

Wood Sizing and Dimension

Considering the sizing & dimension of Osage Orange wood are essential to ensure that the wood you choose suits your project. Therefore, you should check the thickness and width of the lumber to ensure that it’s the right size for your intended use.

Pricing & Cost Considerations

Since Osage Orange wood is a premium hardwood, it might only suit some people’s budget. You should know that osage orange wood cost can vary depending on its quality & sizing. However, purchasing Osage Orange wood is a worthwhile investment since it’s known for its durability & beautiful grain patterns.

Shipping & Delivery Options

It would be best if you also considered the shipping & delivery options when you’re purchasing Osage Orange wood. You can find some retailers who offer free shipping or delivery for orders over a certain amount. Also, check the estimated delivery time to ensure the wood arrives in time for your project.

Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

When you’re purchasing Osage Orange wood, it’s also essential that you consider sustainability & ethical sourcing. You must note that the Osage Orange is a slow-growing tree that may take decades to mature.

We must avoid overharvesting this specimen as it can significantly impact our environment. It would be best if you went for wood that’s been sustainably harvested or comes from a reliable & ethical source.

Osage Orange Wood Products Available for Purchase


Osage Orange lumber is popular for woodworking projects, furniture making, and flooring. Also, this wood is known for its strength & resistance to decay, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. If you’re interested, you can purchase Osage Orange lumber in various thicknesses & widths.

Turning Blanks

If you’re a woodturning enthusiast, Osage Orange turning blanks can be perfect for your job. Since osage orange wood is dense & comes with straight grain, it is extremely easy to turn on a lathe and produces a beautiful finish.

Also, You can find many types of Osage Orange turning blanks available in different sizes and shapes, including bowls, platters, & pen blanks.

Slabs and Live-Edge Pieces

Yes, Osage Orange slabs and live-edge pieces are ideal for woodworking. You can always create custom-made furniture like tables & benches. Also, the wood’s natural edge adds a unique & rustic touch to any project.

On sites like Etsy & eBay, you can find Osage Orange slabs and live-edge pieces in various sizes and shapes.

Custom-made Furniture and Woodworking Projects

If you’re not confident in your woodworking skills, consider purchasing custom-made furniture or woodworking projects made from Osage Orange wood. Many furniture makers and woodworkers offer custom-made pieces using Osage Orange wood, like dining tables, chairs, and cabinets.

Archery Bows

Did you know Osage Orange wood is popular for crafting traditional longbows & recurve bows? I’ve also shared an in-depth article on making a bow using osage orange wood. The wood’s strength, durability, & flexibility make it an excellent choice for archery enthusiasts.

Many custom bow makers offer Osage Orange bows, which you can tailor according to your specifications & preferences. If you want to make bow, please consider reading my article “How To Make A Bow From Osage Orange Wood? in 9 Steps“.